Product responsibility

u-blox is committed to ensuring that the company’s products are as green as possible. u-blox and its manufacturing partners comply with environmental regulations and meet the environmental demands of industry regulations as well as the demands of our customers. We especially support power-saving and environmentally conscious products. We seek to reduce energy consumption, prevent pollution, minimize the use of hazardous materials and continually communicate with employees and suppliers on the company’s policy and commitment to the environment, safety and health (ESH) management.

We continuously monitor the materials that go into our products in order to make them as environmentally sustainable as possible.
Through our strict adherence to the EU’s Reduction of Hazardous Materials (RoHS) initiative, additional restrictions according to the
China RoHS standard, as well as vendor-initiated requirements such Sony’s Green partner program, u-blox strives to minimize or
even eliminate the use of materials that are hazardous to the environment. In addition, u-blox supports the International Material Data
System (IMDS) initiative to report materials used in automotive products for recycling purposes and environmental sustainability.

Green innovative projects
u-blox supports ADES, a Swiss NGO who produces solar cookers and energy-saving
stoves in Madagascar. The objective of the project is to preserve an environmentally sensitive area by providing solar cookers and efficient wood stoves for cooking. For centuries the population of Madagascar has been cooking their food with wood on open fires, which requires vast amounts of firewood or charcoal. Each year, approximately 1% of Madagascar’s forest is cut down. More than 90% of its original forest is already gone.

The solar cookers are an important contribution towards halting the deforestation process and thereby preserving the environment. Convincing people of energy saving cooking methods remains a great challenge. u-blox is committed to supporting ADES in the areas of promotion of the stoves, awareness-raising, and education of the women. With regular demonstrations on how to use solar cookers in outlying villages and in urban areas ADES tries to convince the population of the benefits of cooking with solar energy.

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