An essential component of our corporate social responsibility is to care for communities where we are both directly and indirectly involved. Education and health have been identified as the primary areas of activity. We engage with projects to ensure education for children and improvement of general health for underprivileged. In 2011, we started our education initiatives and provided funding to the programs mentioned below.

Education is critical to developing successful communities. Not only do companies need highly skilled and educated people, the global community needs an educated workforce and business leaders to innovate and prosper. Therefore, we are committed to raising awareness among young people in the fields of science, technology and engineering to encourage them to pursue careers as technicians and engineers, and to expanding educational opportunities for underprivileged children. u-blox will establish long-term partnerships with NGOs and Education institutions who share our values and drive projects and solutions that are sustainable.

Sponsored projects

  The Sunshine School, Nepal
This project enables children in a poverty-stricken area to gain access to education. These children would otherwise be excluded from education because of their families’ limited financial resources. By providing these children with a basic education, the program has an immediate and long-term impact on their lives. Today 150 kids have access to education through the Sunshine School. The goal is to increase the number to 250 and enable them to attend school through the 10th grade and earn a diploma. We believe that education is the primary vehicle by which poor children can lift themselves out of poverty.
  Savannah Trust Education, Ghana
In Western Ghana, where the average income is less than $1 per day and the rural literacy rate is 22%, most children do not have the possibility to attend school due to poverty. From primary school age they are often considered old enough to work and to help support their family. The Savannah Education Trust reaches some of these children by offering free education. u-blox supports the organization by financing a new school for approximately 400 children in the Lawra District, feeding the pupils and training teachers. The foundation of the school will be laid in 2012.
  Teaching fashion design students electronics, Taiwan

u-blox aims to broaden the appeal of electronics to young people. As part of this u-blox supports a workshop and classes at Shih Chien University, Taiwan, where fashion design students develop clothes containing functioning electronics; going from simple LED T-shirts through to night club garments that light up with sound.


Engineers shape our future and Electronics4you,Switzerland
In Switzerland and in Europe in general, there is a lack of engineers and technical specialists. Promoting young people’s interest in technology is therefore essential to ensure that more of them take up a technical profession.

We have chosen two Swiss organizations “Engineers shape our future” and “Electronics4you” as our partners to address this challenge. These organizations provide study weeks and workshops with the aim to stimulate interest in technology and fire enthusiasm for technical professions. The projects expose Swiss high school students to the principles of science through workshops and first-hand experiences.

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