At u-blox, we do not operate in isolation. Everything we do as a company and as individuals affects our customers, employees,
shareholders, partners, communities and ultimately everyone on the planet through our impact on the environment.
We are therefore committed to creating value for all our stakeholders through the implementation of sustainability practices.

Sustainability at u-blox (PDF: 2MB)

Sustainability strategy

Our sustainability strategy rests on four pillars – Environment, Employees, Communities and Marketplace. It acknowledges our ambition to include sustainability in all parts of our business, minimize environmental impact, attract and retain employees, support the less fortunate in our society, and to be a responsible business partner.

The new sustainability strategy was approved by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors in August 2011 and enjoys strong support throughout the company.

Where we are going
While we are proud of our first activities we realize that a lot more can still be done. We look forward to sharing our progress
and ongoing efforts in the years to come.

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