NEO-6G GPS Moduleu-blox places extraordinary emphasis on delivering high-quality, reliable positioning and wireless modules and chips based on stringent standards and industry-recognized certifications. The company's internal quality control process extends to all its manufacturing partners who adhere to strict processes imposed by international standards, such as ISO/TS16949, ISO9001 and ISO/IEC 80079-34.

Our positioning and wireless products are designed and tested to operate in a wide variety of applications. As a provider to the global automotive markets, u-blox also provides automotive-grade ICs suitable for demanding in-vehicle applications such as navigation systems with Dead Reckoning, vehicle insurance boxes, vehicle recovery, road pricing and emergency call systems.

Click to view a 2-minute video about u-blox' module manufacturing process (English, German).

u-blox quality philosophy is supported by 5 main pillars:

  • Understand and fulfill our customers' needs
    We strive to understand our customers' evolving design and quality requirements, and keep pace with their innovation cycles.

  • Continuous improvement
    We continuously improve our quality, product features, and cost-efficiency through cutting-edge design innovation, expansion
    and acquisition of know-how.

  • World-class partners
    u-blox operates as a fabless IC and module design-house, utilizing high-volume, state-of-the-art fabrication and packaging partners that adhere to the highest manufacturing standards.

  • Committed employees
    u-blox‘ leading technology, quality and reliability depends on our corporate environment that fosters teamwork, enthusiasm and dedication of our employees.

  • Environmental commitment
    u-blox is committed to environmental excellence and meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements with respect to the use of hazardous substances (e.g RoHS compliancy and REACH).  All of our contract manufacturers are ISO 14001 certified.

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