More than 4'500 companies ranging from SME's to large corporate businesses rely on our unique solutions to locate and communicate their exact position in cars, trucks, containers, personal navigation devices, PCs and mobile phones.

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Customer orientation is our key focus. We understand that each customer has their own requirements and value high levels of innovation, knowledge, flexibility and reliability and first class support. Contact us today and find out how we can support you.


Latest customer success stories


    “The LifeBook UH900 is a powerful multi-touch mini-notebook, packed with cutting edge features... and high-performance GPS navigation based on u blox’ industry leading GPS receiver sensitivity and compact size".

Paul Moore, Senior Director of Mobile Product Management, Fujitsu America.
    “After careful evaluation of the available GSM/GPRS modems, we selected the LEON solution based on its robust performance, compact size, and excellent technical support from u-blox. Satel is known for its high quality and highly reliable security products, a reputation we are confident to maintain with u-blox as our embedded GSM partner”.

Tomasz Kaminski, Vice Director of Satel’s Purchasing Department.
    “With u-blox’ cutting edge AMY GPS receiver module at the heart of the Moov V780, we have designed a sleek, high-performance PND with market-leading features.”

Justine Liu, Global Marcom Director of Mio Technology.
 ikeGPS   “We selected the u-blox solution early on, and have found it effortless to integrate into our overall ikeGPS design. The u-blox chipset is compact, incredibly sensitive and yet consumes very little power. We’ve been thoroughly impressed at how well the u-blox chipset performs within our ikeGPS solution and our customers are now enjoying the increased productivity the u-blox powered ikeGPS offers.”

Leon Toorenburg CEO, Surveylab
“Bilora has a long history of providing innovative, high quality camera accessories to the global photography market. Through our partnership with u-blox, we are very proud to be on the cutting edge of photo geotagging technology. Thanks to Capture & Process, our photo-geotagger will help revolutionize the way consumers manage their photos and share them online.”

Carsten Reck, Head of Sales and Product Manager at Bilora
    “We selected u-blox to be our GPS receiver partner because of their extensive support and experience in providing high quality and affordable single-chip solutions. u-blox offers the most compact, cost-efficient and yet highly accurate positioning technology on the market today, making it possible for us to deliver sophisticated multimedia navigation systems quickly to the market."

Mr. Eric Kim, Global Marketing Team Manager, Thinkware
    “We are extremely pleased with the quality and performance of u-blox’ LEA-5A GPS receiver module featuring SuperSense® which functions accurately and reliably in the most challenging environments. Our FAST FIND 210 ensures that users call for help are located within a few minutes regardless of weather or geographical conditions,”

Jeremy Harrison, Sales & Marketing Director of McMurdo

  “With the help of u-blox’ leading technology for low-power A-GPS solutions, we were able to develop a very compact personal locator product that delivers the longest battery life on the market.”

Dave Morse, CEO of Location Based Technologies
    "We chose u-blox because of their outstanding product performance, service, and reputation. The Taipei e-bus project was a good example; u-blox chips helped us create a solution that more than met requirements, leading to a very satisfied customer. u-blox offers the most compact, cost-effective, yet highly accurate positioning technology on the market today," Charles continued, "and this helps Advantech to continue delivering sophisticated and competitive fleet management solutions in a timely manner."

Charles Lee, Director of Industrial Mobile Computers division at Advantech.
    “In mobile devices such as our Atlas PC and SmartMirror products, accurate and continuous GPS positioning is essential for delivering dependable and timely navigation and location information. The u-blox solution handles this mission flawlessly, with precision and reliability, allowing us to provide users with the information they need – where and when they need it.” 

Catherine Licavoli, Director of Marketing and PR of Azentek
    “XACT Technology is in the business of providing consumers with the very best in electronics and technology. When it comes to locating people’s most prized possessions, we made sure to build our personal tracking devices with the most advanced and reliable GPS positioning component. The u-blox GPS solution gives us the accuracy, dependability and robustness necessary to be sure our products work everywhere our customers need them to.”

Anthony Antolino, Senior Vice President of XACT Technology
    “Handset manufacturers and consumers are increasingly demanding high performance GPS navigation on mainstream mobile phones. In u-blox, we have found the best GPS solution provider to facilitate unmatched performance and accurate GPS navigation with these phones. Their technology and customer support give us the freedom to provide superior overall performance with a small bill of material, which are key concerns for handset manufacturers in order to bring products to market faster and at lower cost.”

Dr. Du Junhong, CEO of Longcheer


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