u-blox provides several services to support its GPS and Wireless products:

  • AssistNowTM
    Comprehensive Assisted GPS (A-GPS) services for accelerated positioning.

  • CellLocate®
    Increased reliability and indoor positioning solution based on hybrid GPS and 2G/3G mobile network attributes.

  • LTE UE protocol stack
    u-blox' LTE User Equipment protocol stack is a fully optimized Layer 2, Layer 3 and NAS LTE protocol software enabling the highest uplink and downlink data rates. The stack has been integrated in multiple third party basebands modems and is in several commercial solutions. It is field tested in networks globally and is one of the most mature LTE terminal stack available in the industry. Licensing is available for high volume opportunities only.

  • Wireless solutions
    u-blox licenses complete, tested and proven off-the-shelf designs for embedded wireless GSM and UMTS modems ready for integration into OEM end-products and high-volume mass production.

New products