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Product change notifications (PCN) / Information Notifications (INs) are in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent ones.
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Title Date
EOL: Old LEON-G100 modules and LEON-G200 modules discontinuation February 3, 2014
PCN: LEON-G100 Product Change Notification February 3, 2014
PCN: LEON-G100-06A/07A product change October 18, 2013
IN: SARA-G350 Release of Version 00S Initial production July 23, 2013
IN: LEON-G100-08S Information Note January 22, 2013
IN: LEON-G100-07 firmware upgrade June 26, 2012
PCN: LEON-G100-06S/LEON-G200-06S: Firmware upgrade January 2, 2012
IN: New labels on reels, sealed bags and card box November 28, 2011
IN: LEON-G100-06S/A, LEON-G200-06S Information Note June 27, 2011
IN: LEON-G100-05S, LEON-G200-05S Information Note January 03, 2011
IN: LEON-G100-04S, LEON-G200-04S Information Note January 01, 2011
IN: LEON-G100-02S, LEON-G200-02S Information Note January 03, 2011
IN: LEON-G100-01S, LEON-G200-01S Information Note December 16, 2009
IN: LEON-G100-00S, LEON-G200-00S Information Note October 30, 2009












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