The UBX-M8030-CT/KT/KA is the newest generation of standalone positioning chips from u-blox. These chips have exceptional sensitivity and fast acquisition times based on concurrent reception of different GNSS satellite constellations. 

The UBX-G7020-CT/KT/KA standalone single-constellation GNSS receiver chips feature ultra low power and size.

For an overview of u-blox 7 and M8 standalone chips, see the positioning modules and chips line card.

The UBX-G6010-NT is the smallest GPS receiver chips from u-blox, enabling standalone GNSS designs requiring only 7 x 8 mm PCB area.

The UBX-G6010-ST is a standalone, standard grade single chip GNSS receiver ideal for cost and space sensitive applications in the industrial and consumer sector requiring high design flexibility.

The UBX-G6010-SA automotive grade standalone GPS single chip receiver and UBX-G6000-BA / G0010-QA automotive grade standalone GNSS chipset have been designed to address the quality and reliability demands of automotive applications.

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