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GNSS + Wireless is at the heart of new in-vehicle services
Navigation is a standard feature in today’s cars. But getting you where you want to go is just the beginning. u-blox’ robust positioning, UMTS/GSM and CDMA technologies allow OEM designers to put a whole new array of helpful, entertaining as well as critical emergency services at the driver’s fingertips. Features such as automated trip advisor wirelessly downloads details about your surroundings to inform you of up-to-the-minute traffic and parking conditions, special attractions, hotels, service stations and restaurants along your route. Assistance is automatically summoned in the event of an accident, emergency or breakdown.

Vehicle recovery and automotive “black-box” based on satellite positioning
The ability to recover stolen vehicles is becoming a hot global issue. u-blox’ ultra-small, yet highly sensitive positioning modules combined with wireless connectivity provides the perfect solution to this growing problem. Additionally, in-vehicle positioning can also be used to record location, speeds, and acceleration for use in “crash-logging”. When chosen as an option, this feature can dramatically reduce insurance costs to the driver.


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  • 쿼드밴드 GSM/GPRS는 글로벌 GSM 네트워크에 걸쳐 데이터와 음성 접속을 지원합니다. » more

  • CellLocateTM provides increased reliability and indoor positioning based on mobile network attributes » more
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  • 쿼드밴드 GSM/GPRS는 글로벌 GSM 네트워크에 걸쳐 데이터와 음성 접속을 지원합니다. » more

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