Our overall goal is to profitably grow the business by following a four part strategy that capitalizes on our strengths and market opportunities to achieve higher growth.

Four strategic elements underpin everything we do at u-blox and provide a framework which helps us to create value for our customers and shareholders while keeping us ahead of our competitors. Read more about our strategic goals and achievements in our annual report.

Technology & innovation                                                  
Our commitment to technology and innovation continues to be the core of our strategy. We continuously improve and expand our product offering and services to deliver essential value to our customers. We will meet the  market’s increasing demand for truly differentiated, customized and innovative technology.
Market position
We will continue to leverage the strength and success of the core markets we operate in to win and retain customers. We will also strive to expand our position in new markets and geographical regions through careful market analysis.
Operational excellence      
The key criterion for operational excellence is a dedicated, professional and talented workforce. We, the u-blox team, will continue to focus on excellence and quality, enhance operational efficiency and contain costs without compromising quality.
Strategic partnership & acquisition opportunities                          
Our partners are a key to our success. We will maintain close cooperation and work closely together with them to ensure continued improvements to our capabilities and efficiency. We continuously evaluate strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses, technologies or products that we believe will accelerate one or more of the elements of our strategy.

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